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Effective remote work with secure IT solutions

DEAC Remote work

Due to current situation in the world, many enterprises face the risk of partial or complete shutdown of their business and these threats become more real every day. Make sure your business does not stop, stay at home and continue secure remote work out of office, using DEAC virtual desktop and file sharing solutions.

When working from the office becomes impossible, for known reasons, and you cannot lose productivity, you need to continue your work, as it is the matter of your business survival.
There is a proven solution - remote work anytime, anywhere, with access to all your business applications and documents, as if you are in the office! We will implement the solution quickly and more cost effectively than global cloud providers.

Support Latvian business by choosing local products and services. DEAC is a data center operator with almost unlimited virtual resources and 20 years of experience creating complex IT solutions. Our experts will prepare and implement an individual project that meets remote work requirements of your company.

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