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Audit of IT systems and resources

DEAC IT audit

What will be the financial and reputational loss in case the company loses its availability or data? DEAC recommends identifying potential risks in advance!

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, DEAC wants to share their experts’ knowledge and practical expertise with Latvian companies, facilitating the implementation and maintenance of IT processes. IT audit can help to determine effectiveness of the current IT system and get valuable advice on how to modernize and improve the level of security.

In practice, the most common business risks tend to be:
• Equipment damage and errors, information destruction,
• Interruptions of power supply and network channels,
• Cyber-attacks, viruses,
• Inefficient use of IT resources
• Internal threats such as human error.

Full IT audit involves evaluation of the company’s structure and the entire IT infrastructure, as well as operations’ analysis of the IT department, but it can also be only partial audit of certain processes if required. As a result, the company receives a detailed plan and solution to improve its IT infrastructure according to its current business needs.

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