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Getting Certificates

The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry issues Certificates of Origin.

A certificate of origin may be received for goods where their origin is known to the demander and which may be identified with documentation.

To receive a certificate of origin, the fallowing documents shall be completed and submitted to the LCCI:

  • completed application form of the certificate of origin* (Seecompletion of the application form of the certificate of origin)
  • an application form signed by the authorised person of a company (Download: sample power of attorney)
  • invoice for the shipment of goods and documents, identifying the origin of goods.

Any additional information and approval documents which may be requested for the issuance of a certificate of origin, shall be submitted following a request of any competent official.

The applications submitted are reviewed on the date of their submission (in consequential order), and the certificate of origin is issued right away. If the documents submitted do not contain all of the necessary information or there is a need for an extended investigation, the decision as to whether to issue a certificate of origin or not may be reached within 14 days after the submission date of the application.

*Certificates of origin are issued on forms printed off by approved printing-houses only. If necessary, you may print out the text prepared for the completion of the forms at the LCCI (by sending it to Forms for the certificate of origin may be purchased at the headquarters of the LCCI in Riga and offices of the regional branches.