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Meridian Trade Bank offers compact mini POS terminals

Mini POS

AS "Meridian Trade Bank" offers compact and convenient mini POS terminals that will let your customers pay for their purchases with a payment card (incl. contactless card) at festivals, markets, the beach and other open-air events where fixed Internet connection and electricity is not available.

In order to connect a mini POS, you need to have a smartphone or a tablet with Android or iOS operating system and mobile Internet connection. Before that, you need to download Smart Terminal mobile application.

The Bank has a special offer for mini POS terminal installation and lease for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for self-employed persons*:

Monthly fee - 6 EUR +VAT;
Interest rate 0.00 %;
Commission per transaction - 0.07 EUR.

* This offer is valid if the number of transactions of a company or a self-employed person does not exceed 100 transactions per day and the average value of one purchase does not exceed EUR 10. If the average value of one purchase is more than 10 EUR, additional commission is applied.