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Essence of a regional council is representation of the interests of the LCCI members in a respective region in various industries and areas of interests. Meetings of regional councils are open for all members, who wish to participate and include urgent matters in the LCCI agenda.

Regional council:

  1. Prepares suggestions for the commercial activity policy implemented by the LCCI;

  2. Suggests examination of matters by the LCCI institutions;

  3. Defines priorities of the LCCI activities in respective field and at respective time of public administration influence;

  4. If necessary, creates workgroups of a specific region for preparing specific matters;

  5. Prepares draft decisions on the LCCI attitude in the matters of a specific region.

LCCI operates the following regional councils:

    1.     Rīga Regional Council

         ·         Rīga Regional Sub-Council;

         ·         Rīga City Sub-Council;

    2.     Vidzeme Regional Council;

    3.     Zemgale Regional Council;

    4.     Latgale Regional Council;

    5.     Kurzeme Regional Council

See: Regulation of operation of the LCCI Regional Councils


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