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ArGaumi, Ltd

„ArGaumi” is a growing family enterprise developing neat, practical and elegant home textiles. We believe that you do not need all riches of the world to make a nice surprise, a piece of joy, or so-called „small happiness” – for a friend or relative, a colleague or client, a boss or employee.

Our linen and cotton home textiles are 100% handmade. All products are made to create a piece of INGENUOUS ELEGANCE in interiors. They combine the artistic and design value with practical and easy-to-use functions – they are not only neat and nice, but well-applicable into the daily life.

The main business directions and product groups are:

contemporary textile products for modern kitchens
interior elements for homes and hotels (rooms and bathrooms)
individualized gift sets (also combining linen with other natural materials like wood or clay)
All products can be personalized and slightly modified taking into account the customers’ needs for exceptional design, corporate identity or specific material.

We are located in Livani (Latvia), but we deliver the ordered products to any place in Latvia, Europe and the world.

Due to established partnerships, a flexible just-in-time production is our main approach. We are open, responsive and responsible in producing what is needed, when it is needed, and in the amount needed.

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