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02 Politiskā mārketinga forums 2017

Programme for Political Marketing Forum

“Insiders and Outsiders in the Evolving Political market Place:

Exploring the Actors and the Political Strategies”

Turiba University

Riga, Latvia, 2–5 August 2017

Organisers: Communication Faculty of Turiba University and Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments


Wednesday, August 2nd

13.30 Welcome coffee at Turiba University, Graudu str. 68, Riga

13.50 Welcome

Chairperson of the Development Council of Turiba University, President of Latvian Chamber of Trade and Industry Aigars Rostovskis, Rector of Turiba University Aldis Baumanis and Dean of Communication Faculty of Turiba University Andris Petersons.

14.00 Opening of Forum

Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development Kaspars Gerhards.

14.10 Member of the European Parliament Artis Pabriks. How visible is Latvian political communication in the European Parliament.

14.30 Key Note

Bruce Newman, Professor at Driehaus College of Business, DePaul University. (United States). Trump's Strategic Orientation: Maintaining a Consistent Brand Identity in Response to Marketplace Contingencies.

15.30 Panel: Political Brands and Image. Moderator Greg Simons

Milena Drzewiecka, Doctoral Student at  University of Social Sciences and Humanities SWPS & Cwalina Wojciech, Professor at University of Social Sciences and Humanities SWPS (Poland). To fight or not to fight? Political image repair strategies and their effectiveness in time of media scandal.

Andrzej Falkowski, Professor at SWPS University & Magdalena Jablonska, University of Social Sciences and Humanities SWPS. (Poland). Framing and positive - negative asymmetry in the evaluation of political candidates.

Agrita Lujāne, Lecturer of Turiba University (Latvia). Celebrities as the “political locomotives” and their role in elections and in the Latvian Parliament after regaining the independence.

Nino Rusidze, Academic Think Tank member at International Association for Political Science Students (Hungary). Brand America under the Trump administration.

17.00 End of the day

17.50 Train to Riga. Guided tour of old town

19.00 Dinner


Thursday, August 3rd

9.30 Welcome coffee at Turiba University, Graudu str. 68, Riga

10.00 Opening of the day

Chairman of Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments Andris Jaunsleinis, 119 Latvia municipalities as indispensable gears in the state's mechanism.

10.20 Head of the Public Relations Department of Latvian Parliament Juris Vīgulis, Communication of the Latvian Parliament with mass media and public.

10.40 Panel: Political Campaigns and Advertising. Moderator: Ieva Bērziņa

Joseph Ben – Ur, Professor of Marketing School of Business Administration, University of Houston – Victoria (United States). Where were the Pollsters in the 2016 US Presidential Elections?

Mostafa Hassan, Doctoral student at Turība University (Latvia, Egypt), Andris Pētersons, Professor at Turiba University (Latvia). Nonverbal messages in the political advertisings of Riga’s municipal elections in 2017.

Renata Matkevičienė, Assoc. professor at Faculty of Communication of Vilnius University (Lithuania). When corruption raised as the main issue for election campaign hits you back: the case of election campaign of Lithuanian Liberal Movement.

Rossana Sampugnaro, Aggregate professor in Political Sociology DSPS, University of Catania & Francesca Montemagno, Doctoral student at DSPS, University of Catania (Italy). The battle between new and old tools. MPs and political communication in Italy.

Md Safiullah, Senior research fellow at Indian Institute of Technology, Pramod Pathak, Professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Saumya Singh. Associate professor Indian Institute of Technology (India). Political Advertising in India – metamorphosis down the ages 1952 – 2014.

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Panel: Populism and Conflict. Moderator Andris Petersons

Cristian Andrei, President of the Romanian Political Marketing Association (ARMP). Global contagion of political ideas in contemporary societies and the change of political parties and political leaders.

Ieva Bērziņa, Senior researcher at the Centre for Security and Strategic Studies, National Defence Academy of Latvia (Latvia). Russia's challenge to Western liberal democracy.

Greg Simons, Professor at Uppsala University and Turība University (Sweden, Latvia). Populism and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy: New Political Relationships in the Making?

14.20 Coffee break

14.30 Panel: Political Influence Moderator Veysel Batmaz

Inese Āboliņa, Doctoral student at University of Latvia (Latvia). Presidential leadership in decision making within the framework of political governance in Latvia.

Marina Kukartseva, Professor and Head of the Research and Coordination Work Department at Diplomatic Academy, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Russia). Political activism in Russia: causes, peculiarities and results.

Andrew A. Nosikov. PhD student at Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Russia). Protests as an interface between political networks and political reality: a structural network analysis of the protest core, growth dynamics and transformation into political reality.

Daina Škuškovnika, Assoc. professor at Turiba University, Andris Petersons, Professor at Turiba University (Latvia). Influence on decision making process in the public governance in Latvia.

Ainārs Dimants, Professor at Turība University (Latvia). Communication of Latvian Public Service Media’s unification.

Uldis Zupa, Doctoral student at Turiba University and Andris Pētersons. Professor at Turība University (Latvia). Political influence on Latvian maritime disaster response organization.

16.30 End of day

17.00 Dinner


Friday, August 4th

9.00 Leaving Riga for a trip to Soviet Bunker in Līgatne (70 km) from the square where the Latvian Riflemen monument is in Riga (only for PMF17 speakers)

11.00 Welcome by Mayor of Līgatne Ainārs Šteins.

11.10 Panel: Public Communication. Moderator: Marina Kukartseva

Ilhom Khalimzoda. Doctoral student at Turība University (Latvia). Cross-cultural adaptation of immigrant and host entrepreneurs in Latvia and the necessity risen for intercultural competence in globalized world.

Ēriks Leitis, Senior expert, Department of Nature Protection at Ministry of Environmental protection and regional development of Latvia (Latvia). Cooperation among environmental institutions and NGO’s for sustainable development.

Ruslan Yagudin, Student at the National Research University, Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg (Russia). Marketing technologies in promotion of state programs.

12.30 Lunch in the Bunker

13.30 Group discussion

14.30 Guided tour around the Soviet Bunker

15.30 Coffee and return to Riga


Saturday, August 5th

9. 30 Welcome coffee at Turiba University, Graudu str.68, Riga

10.00 Panel: Social Media. Moderated by Cristian Andrei

Līga Mirlina, Lecturer at Turība University (Latvia). Latvian government communication in social media as a tool of interaction with the public.

Velga Vēvere, Leading researcher at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of University of Latvia (Latvia), Professor at the University College of Economics and Culture. Ethical issues of political marketing in social media.


10.40 Panel: International Politics. Moderated by Cristian Andrei

Veysel Batmaz, Professor at Faculty of Communication of Istanbul University SFHEA (Turkey). The effects of diplomatic crises between Turkey and The Netherlands in March 2017 on political elections.

Ivan V. Surma. Professor at Diplomatic Academy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (Russia). Virtual Reality: Fakes in Geopolitics.

Tatjana Titareva, Lecturer at RISEBA University of Business, Art and technology (Latvia).  Reflection of relationship between Russian and China in the media after Ukrainian Crisis.


11.40 Conclusions. Closing of PMF17

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Planning meeting for PMF18 and other forum issues for selected participants

15.00 Coffee and closing of PMF18 planning meeting


The forum is open for all academics, policy makers, and practitioners of communication, media and journalists and everyone interested in the processes and events that are shaping the environment of contemporary politics. Forum will be held in English. Lunches will be provided only for PMF17 speakers and coffee is freely available for everyone. The PMF17 is free of charge for all speakers and participants.

The forum organisers from Turiba University and Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments express their gratitude to the Friedrich Ebert Foundation for the generous support that made this year event possible.