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Trade mission of companies of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s building sector to Casablanca, Morocco

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On 23 to 26 November, members of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s building sector went on a trade mission to Casablanca, Morocco, within the framework of the EUROMED Invest project with an objective to attend the International Conference Green Batimed and International Building Exhibition SIB 2016.

Four building sector’s companies and Kurzeme Green-tech Cluster participated in the trade mission, while in expert discussions Latvia was represented by the industry expert Juris Grīnvalds of the Association of Building Materials Manufacturers. Main cooperation partners in the trade mission were Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Casablanca Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Program of activities lasted two days, during which companies were able to attend the International Conference Green Batimed, where companies from Latvia, Poland, Morocco and Algeria, as well as diplomatic relations representative of the involved countries, participated. Information about building sector in each of the countries was provided during the forum, existing cooperation between the EU and African Mediterranean countries was presented. Discussions also took place about opportunities and challenges to joint cooperation. B2B meetings between companies of all countries were also organized within the framework of the forum.

On the second day of the trade mission, companies were able to participate in the 2nd part of the forum organized by Casablanca Chamber of Commerce and Industry with focus on possibilities of green technologies in Africa, as well as Moroccan business environment was presented, which, based on oil price changes, comes forward as one of the most favourable, compared to other countries of the region. After the forum, companies went to the International Building Industry ExhibitionSIB’2016 that in several pavilions united companies of various industries from the African countries, European and Mediterranean countries, China, etc. The day was concluded by the state reception at the Polish ambassador in Casablanca in the Polish Embassy’s Department of Commerce and Investments.

In course of their journey, companies obtained new experience about African Mediterranean countries, their business environment, and established many new contacts. In general, it is concluded that cooperation is possible, since Polish building sector’s companies already actively work in African Mediterranean countries. Simultaneously, it is important to establish long-term relations with mandatory public institutions and speak French. Within the framework of the project, incoming trade mission from Morocco, as well as conclusion of long-term cooperation contract with Casablanca CCI are planned in future.

Objective of Euromed Invest project is to create a cooperation model between European countries and African Mediterranean countries with aim to increase business opportunities and investments of European companies in the region, as well as to promote competitiveness of European countries in the region.  80% of the project is financed by the European Union. Project is managed by MedAlliance Consortium, project activities are introduced by Anima Investment Network.


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