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·         Building architect is Gustavs Vinklers.

·         Building was built in 1875 for Stāmeriena Estate Barona Edvīns fon Volfs.

·         In 1884 house was sold to the Swiss Consul, industrialist and merchant Konstantīns Šturcs.

·         In 1925, after Šturcs’ death, house was sold to Latvian Association of Merchants.

·         In 1926, architect Eižens Laube developed the house reconstruction project. One-storey Renaissance stone building “White Hall” was built in the yard, and a dining-hall, library and many rooms with rich interior, stained glasses and sculptures were arranged in the mansion.

·         Conferences and congresses were organized, Latvian companies were founded in the building.

·         Publicly well-known people worked in Latvian Association of Merchants.

·         In 1936, by decision of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Latvian Association of Merchants was liquidated.

·         Since 1937 house owner is Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry founded on 21 December 1934, in order to represent and promote trade and industry in Latvia.

·         In August 1940, in this building was accommodated Central Committee of the LSSR Communist Party. Later many years in the house operated Rīga Technical House.

·         In 2000, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry returned to the house.