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Beginning production of restaurant and three houses for Sweden

Frame house Latvia

ZTC is to design, produce and assemble a restaurant and three houses in Nacka, a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. Production of the building elements of these houses started in January of 2018.

Made with the new technology of cellulose insulation packing into the panels that has the advantages of highest quality and fast production for our frame house Latvia. It is of high significance in this project because of the short timeframe.

The restaurant has a total indoor area of 540 m2 in two storeys. Every family houses of the three has 150 m2 of indoor area. The project is very short timeframe with contract signed and designing started in December, production - in January, on site work - in February and works for an externally finished buildings to end by June.

ZTC is a frame house Latvia producer since 1991. Sweden has been the biggest export market for the company in 2017 and is set remain so in 2018. ZTC has been exporting houses to Sweden since 1998. Projects have ranged from kindergarten buildings, apartment houses, public buildings to single family houses and camping frame house Latvia.

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