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  • Name: Learning Outcomes Approach and ECVET Principles for Assessment and Validation of Workbased Learning and Apprenticeships: Training Programme and OER for VET and Enterprise Tutors
  • LCCI position: Lead partner
  • Total Budget: 240 269.00 EUR
  • Dates: 01/10/2016 to 30/09/2018
  • Programme: Erasmus+
  • Other partners: Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Germany
  • Homepage:


ECVET-Enterprise  is a new project that 2 innovative aspects: 1) training methodology and program; 2) ECVET experimentation report. ECVET-Enterprise offers a methodology and EU level practical training program for tutors supervising WBL "Use LO approach and ECVET in Assessment and Validation of WBL and apprenticeships", in which tutors from VET are involved together with their ounterparts from enterprises.

The training will be in the form of interactive workshops during which the pairs of tutors (from VET and enterprise) can learn together how to divide tasks into units of learning outcomes, about formulating agreements, about cooperation in assessment and recognition of LO, and communication with the apprentice. The program will be based on the experiences of the 4 involved countries and applicable for international training and national.

This project continues work of comparing and describing systems but going more down to the level of practical details.

Project partners:

  • CCI Latvia (LV) - Lead partner
  • PIKC Kuldīgas Tehnoloģiju un tūrisma tehnikums, VET school (LV)
  • Tartu Kutsehariduskeskus, VET school (EE)
  • WinNova, Satakunta, VET school (FI)
  • Baltic Bright Ltd (LV)
  • Deutsch – Baltische Handelskammer in Estland, Lettland, Litauen e.V (DE)
  • VISC National centre for education (LV)



Useful presentations:

Lead Partner Contacts:
Mrs. Līga Sičeva
Head of LCCI EU Projects Department
+371 28625443
Kr.Valdemara str. 35, Riga
Latvia, LV-1010